Your hiring needs are constantly changing - especially in today's economy. So why take a cookie cutter approach to your hiring process?? As your trusted partner, our recruiters at Sunbolt Recruiting Group will work closely with you to craft a recruiting process that makes sense for your company, your budget, and your needs.

The Planning Stage

By listening closely to your needs up front, we help you assess the difficulty of each search, and partner with you to tailor a specific, targeted plan for each and every search assignment we accept. We then conduct a thorough search for both passive candidates and actively searching candidates to uncover top tier talent.

Candidate Contact & Screening

Once we identify a series of candidates, we make contact them on a directly. We pre-screen each candidate to ensure that the candidate's skills, motivations, and salary requirements match up with your objectives, responsibilities and potential of the position.

Presenting Candidates

We present only the best qualified, fully screened candidates for your review. You will have access to a wealth of information on each candidate including their job search objectives, work history and reason for leaving prior positions, compensation history and requirements, references, skills assessment, and true job search motivations.

Once we agree that there is mutual interest by both the candidate and your company, we assist in scheduling and monitoring of the interview process.

Interview Process

We coordinate all candidate interviews , and prepare each candidate for what to expect. Our recruiters also debrief both the client and candidate after each interview. Critically, we re-qualify the candidate’s commitment to the process and salary expectations during each conversation.

Brokering the Offer

Sunbolt Recruiting Group works closely with your organization to not only broker an offer, but also ensure that you are making an offer to the right candidate. We mediate all negotiations regarding salary terms, relocation, benefits packages and start dates. We also counsel the candidate during the process of resigning their present position and dealing with counteroffers.

Onboarding & Maintaining a Relationship

Once an offer is accepted by the candidate, we stay in close contact with both parties to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible. We also stay in contact with the candidate for months after the candidate's start date to ensure employee retention.