How Can You Tell It's January?


How can you tell it's January?  Aside from the obvious - looking out your window or stepping outside - one need only open your email inbox or watch a few minutes of television to get bombarded with messages that tout "2018 Is the Year of [Insert favorite topic here]!"   It's all fairly maddening. 

And it's all crap.

This is especially true when it comes to hiring and recruiting talent for your organization.  Prognostications from so-called experts with publishing deadlines  (and no creativity) apparently can't resist going back to the well year after year.  2014 and 2015 were supposed to be the years of "social recruiting."  Just put your job opening on Twitter, and all of your problems are solved!  2016 was the year automation was going to eliminate your recruiting budget so you could sip coffee and dream about retirement all day.  And 2017 was the year the robots took over as artificial intelligence was supposed to make top-tier talent magically show up on your door step without a keystroke on your part. 

The problem is that candidates, whether they are looking for a new role or not, hear all of this too.  And the unintended consequence of all of this noise is a distinct trend for the people that your organization wants to hire going underground.  They have been bombarded with every gimmick in the book, and now they don't want to be found.  Or, if they do, they want it to be on their own terms.

So what's an organization to do in all of this mess?  First, take a deep breath.  Second, stop listening to these so-called experts.  Develop your own strategy using a variety of tools and methods - one that makes sense for your organization and your budget. 

Yes, this takes time and more than a little elbow grease.  But those of us who have been in the talent acquisition business for more than a few years will tell you, there is no substitute for hard work.   

And if you run into difficulties or get overwhelmed, call us.  We are here to help.  We really ARE the experts!